About Us


Tutti Tutti is an Exclusive and Bespoke Fashion Boutique based in Liverpool. As a business our mission is to provide girls and boys all over the world to express themselves through Fashion giving you that feel good factor whatever the occasion is. Since starting with very little following Tutti Tutti have strived to create and design luxury and bespoke garments for global consumers varying from Liverpool to Glasgow.

Girl Power  

The women behind it all are Shaunnah Timm and Lorraine James.After a life long love towards Fashion Shaunnah has always had a passion foreverything to do with the industry. Starting her career in Design Shaunnah studiedat The City of Liverpool College, furthering her career at Salford University completinga BA (Hons) Fashion Design Degree.

As a professional seamstress with over 30 years of expertise Lorraine has always had the desire to create luxury Fashion.

Having worked closely in University together Fashion Design Tutor Lorraine and Student Shaunnah decided to partner together in creating a fresh and unique Fashion Boutique based in the UK leading on to the making of Tutti Tutti.


Here at Tutti Tutti we are all about empowering people through the Fashion. We aim to design and create flattering pieces made from luxury materials. Inspired by current trends, designers and catwalk our products are sure to make a statement. All products are Handmade within the UK adding that extra special touch.


Since 2017 we have been a global hit featuring on major platforms including The Daily Mail with Our garments having also been seen on many influencers such as TOWIE stars Yazmin Oukhellou and Amber Turner. As a business we aim to grow bigger and better and we cannot wait for you to be on this amazing journey with us!